Is it legal or illegal? Check out some significant and strange laws across the world.

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Read on to find out more on the laws around the world. The first section highlights certain laws that have managed to grab our attention. The second section gives you an insight on some very interesting laws in certain parts of the world, which many are still unaware that they exist.

Laws that have always garnered attention
1. Euthanasia Law:• Euthanasia law is nothing but medically assisted suicide. It is also called mercy killing. Intentionally ending the life to reduce the pain or suffering in certain conditions is the gist of mercy killing. There are several laws that govern Euthanasia around the world. Some countries have legalised this physician-assisted suicide whereas some countries do not allow.
• Netherlands was the first country to legalise euthanasia in 2002. But the law came with its own set of riders. One, the patient must be suffering from acute unbearable pain. Second, it should be an incurable illness. Third, the demand for assisted suicide should be made by the patient in full consciousness.
• There has been a widespread debate in the legal fraternity with respect to laws governing euthanasia all over the world.
• In France, UK, Australia, thelaw doesn’t support medically assisted killing.
• Belgium is the second country to legalise euthanasia.
• Certain states of the USA, namely Oregon and Washington State have legalised doctor-assisted suicide.
• In Japan, there are no official laws on Euthanasia. But a tentative legal framework is present for implementing euthanasia.2. Abortion Law:• Abortion law is a law that regulates the abortion practicesfollowed in each country, across the world. These laws differ, mainly because of the ethical, religious, moral, political and even practical reasons. The laws governing abortion have always been controversial in some places.
• Abortion is deliberate termination of human pregnancy. Local laws are applicable in this case.
• Laws pertaining to abortion are very diverse.
• The first laws on abortion were passed only in the 19th century.
• Certain countries have very strict laws on Abortion. Ireland is one of them. Abortion laws are very restrictive here. Termination is possible only on the grounds that there is a threat to the mother’s life.
• In the United States of America, abortion laws vary from state to state. Here abortions cannot be banned outright. But the law imposes certain restrictions.
• Abortion is illegal under any circumstances in countries like Vatican City, Chile, Malta, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, and Nicaragua.

3. Human Rights Laws:

• Human rights are the basic rights of every human. Whatever be the nationality, race, colour, sex, region, language, all humans are entitled to human rights without any discrimination.
• Human rights are guaranteed by law in various forms such as treaties, international laws, principles etc.
• The international human rights law obligates governments across the world to protect and promote the fundamental freedom and basic human rights of individuals and groups.
• It has been more than half a century since many governments, the world over, signed the United Nations Declaration of Human rights. Yet, the world witnesses abuse of human rights day in and day out.
• Countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Libya, Cuba and Turkmenistan see human rights abuse almost every other day. The suffering of the people in these countries is too severe even asthe world watches helplessly despite having an international human rights law established.

• Most of the human rights abuse occurs because of the political system, poverty, war, etc.
• Ireland is a country that does not have laws to recognise transgender people.
• In the Middle East region of the world, Israel has severe discriminatory restrictions on the basic human rights of the people from Palestine.
Some strange laws across the world
• The Philippinesis the only country in the world to ban divorce. One of the main reasons for not able to legalise divorce here is the strong Catholic Church influence.
• It is illegal for a woman to drive a car in Saudi Arabia.
• A very ludicrous law in the UK, it is illegal for any person to die in the House of Parliament.
• In Japan, it is illegal to be fat. That too in a country where Sumo wrestling has its origins! While there is no punishment for an individual, the law is aimed at maintaining the national health of the country. The law is applicable to men between the age group of 40 to 75 years.

a• Whaling is illegal in Oklahoma, USA. And you cannot make funny faces at a dog!
• A Canadian Law says that 35% of the music that is played on radio stations should be by Canadian artists.
• You could be fined in Venice, St Marks’ square for feeding pigeons.
• It is illegal to walk on the autobahn in Germany. Running out of fuel here is also illegal.
• In Victoria, Australia, only a licenced electrician can change a bulb. It is illegal for others to change!
• It is a criminal offence in Spain to drive with sandals.
• High heels are banned at ancient sites in Greece, to protect the monuments.

It is indeed true that “Strange are the ways (LAWS) of the world!”